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17. August 2017

Europaweites Projekt


On the 17th of August 2017, Maryline El Houkayem, Nekruzi Abdujalil and Maryna Kokovina presented the European YOUTH GLOBE project in the Parliament in Berlin to the deputy Dr. Thomas Feist. The objective of the project is to support around 100 young people per region in 51 countries and in 222 regions on their way to becoming a champion. At YOUTH GLOBE “champions” are considered people who set and pursue their goals in different areas of life with great commitment and achieve them.

YOUTH GLOBE relies on the support of the public authorities of the countries involved as well as various partners such as companies, media and private individuals. The aim is to show how great a measurable social impact is achieved by investing in the development of young people.

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29. June 2017

Football Tournament

YouBe Dresden has participated in a tournament "Welcome to the Soccer Cup" in Berlin. The tournament was from 29.06.2017 to 02.07.2017. YouBe Dresden has played against different teams from different countries. In this tournament Our team won the second place.